18. Amos HOPKINS was born on 13 Aug 1829 in Wayne County, NY.(48) He died on 19 Nov 1912 in Bronson Twp., Branch County, MI. (49) He was a Farmer. He was married to Elizabeth Jane WHITMAN on 19 Mar 1854 in Branch County, MI.(50)

Amos Hopkins was born in Wayne County, New York on August 13, 1829, as was his wife, Elizabeth Jane Whitman, born in New York on November 8, 1831. She was the daughter of John and Rose Amanda (Horton) Whitman. Amos was the son of farmer, Onias Hopkins and Sarah (Williams) Hopkins.

They were united in marriage on March 19, 1854 in Branch County, Michigan.

The year 1870, according to the federal census, finds this family living in the township of Bronson in Branch County, Michigan. Amos was farming the land while Elizabeth was keeping house and caring for seven children, all of whom were born in Michigan.

Like the plague fueled by a firestorm, Scarlet fever swept through this household one gray March morning in 1878. The lives of three of their children were taken by the fever that month. The twins, at age 13, died only 12 days apart and their younger sister, Minnie, died less than a week later.

Amos died November 19, 1912 at the age of 83 and is buried in Adams Cemetery in Bronson. Elizabeth followed on February 10, 1919 when she was 87. Both experienced long, full lives only to be claimed by old age and general debility.

19. Elizabeth Jane WHITMAN was born on 29 Oct 1831 in New York.(51) She died on 10 Feb 1919 in Bronson Twp., Branch County, MI. (52) Children were:

child i. Herbert C. HOPKINS was born in 1858 in Michigan.(53)
child ii. Ella A. HOPKINS was born in 1860 in Michigan. (54) She died in 1892.(55)
child iii. Adelbert W. HOPKINS was born on 16 Nov 1862 in Michigan. (56) He died on 23 Jun 1935.(57)
child iv. Emily J. HOPKINS was born on 1 Aug 1864 in Michigan. (58) She died on 10 Mar 1878 in Branch County, MI. (59)
child v. Emery A. HOPKINS was born on 1 Aug 1864 in Michigan. (60) He died on 22 Mar 1878 in Branch County, MI. (61)
child vi. Mary Melissa HOPKINS was born in 1867 in Michigan. (62)
child9 vii. Violetta M. HOPKINS.
child viii. Minnie R. HOPKINS was born on 19 Jun 1873 in Michigan. (63) She died on 28 Mar 1878 in Branch County, MI. (64)

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